Passing the torch- sparking learning

Welcome! As a teacher of 15 years, a time came where I went to a “professional development” meeting and thought, “I’ve heard this already, I could be teaching this.” Not very humble, I know, but it made me realize that as one with experience under my belt it was time for me to step up and share what I’ve learned. By nature I’m not a loud or talkative person- unless you get me started on a subject I’m passionate about. As a teacher, specifically a math and science teacher, education is something I’m passionate about. I have strong opinions and experiences in that area, enough to get me volunteering to lead workshops, writing articles, sharing with my colleagues, and finding ways to advocate for research-based, classroom tested effective practices. ¬†My personal philosophy is that teaching should be a fluid process and there are always ways to improve. Even a lesson that didn’t go as planned or a negative interaction with a student/colleague/administrator is a learning experience. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all. Trying and succeeding is even better! My hope is to connect with new educators to help them be successful and inspire experienced educators to keep learning and experimenting with new techniques.¬†Sparks of learning keep the educator’s heart jumping! Sometimes we need to reinvigorate (teaching is a draining profession), but sometimes we need to find perspective and calm (teaching is also a stressful profession). I hope my blog posts help you find your “teaching zen” and the middle path.


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